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List of Forthcoming National & International Exhibitions
National Exhibitions
Date Event Details
29 Sep - 2 Oct 2021 Autumn Stampex Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London. N1 0QH
International Exhibitions
Date Event Details
25 - 30 August 2021 PHILANIPPON 2021 Full International Exhinbition under FIP patronage with FIAP auspices.
Deadline for entries now closed.
For more information see the website
19 - 22 November 2021 NOTOS 2021 European Philatelic Exhibition To be held in Zappeion, Athens, Greece
A 2000 frame specialised International Philatelic Exhibition under the partonage of FIP.
UK Deadline for entries 31 May 2021.
For more information see the website
19 - 26 February 2022 LONDON 2022 Venue: Business Design centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 0QH
A full FIP accredited exhibition with all exhibiting classes, including Traditional, Postal History, Thematic, Open, Maximaphilately and Literature
For more information see the website
31 March - 3 April 2022 HUNFILEX 2022 Specialised World Stamp Championship Exhibition To be held at Balna (The Whale), Budapest, Hungary.
Exhibition has FIP and FEPA patronage.
UK Deadline for entries 23 June 2021.
For more information see the website
Other Events including Auctions
Date Event Details

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