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Maintain the Library Section codes

Section Code


Section:	A	Description:	UK & Eire
Section:	B	Description:	Africa
Section:	C	Description:	Asia
Section:	D	Description:	Australasia
Section:	E	Description:	Europe
Section:	F	Description:	The Americas
Section:	G	Description:	World
Section:	H	Description:	General Books
Section:	I	Description:	Censorship
Section:	J	Description:	Design & Production
Section:	K	Description:	Forgeries etc
Section:	L	Description:	Marks
Section:	M	Description:	Memorabilia & Ephemera
Section:	N	Description:	Military
Section:	O	Description:	Philately
Section:	P	Description:	Postal Agencies
Section:	Q	Description:	Postal History
Section:	R	Description:	Postal Stationery
Section:	S	Description:	Postcards & First Day Covers
Section:	T	Description:	Officials & Cinderellas
Section:	U	Description:	Thematic
Section:	V	Description:	Transport of Mail
Section:	W	Description:	Auction Catalogues
Section:	X	Description:	Catalogues

This form can only be used by the System Administrator/Librarian to maintain the Library Section Codes.

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