2018 - 2019 Syllabus

Date Presenter Venue Subject
2018 27th September President's Evening Roseangle
5th October Visit to Lanarkshire P.S. Lanarkshire P.S.
11th October Richard Cuthbertson (Scottish P.S.) Roseangle Macau
25th October Charles Lloyd (Dundee & District P.S.) Roseangle UDI Rhodesia & Zimbabwe
8th November Visit from Dunfermline P.S. Roseangle
22nd November Visit from Scottish P.S. Roseangle
13th December One Sheet Competition & Recent Acquisitions Roseangle
2019 10th January Member's Night Roseangle Thematic Evening
24th January Norman Watson (Perth P.S.) Roseangle The Penny Red Dreadful
29th January Visit to Edinburgh P.S. Edinburgh
14th February Member's Night Roseangle 'P' Night
26th February Visit to Stirling & District P.S. Stirling
28th February Visit from Caledonian P.S. Roseangle
14th March Bob Barclay (Kirkintilloch P.S.) Roseangle New Zealand
28th March Member's Night Roseangle Annual Competitions
11th April George Henshilwood (Caledonian P.S.) Rosangle Greenland
25th April Annual General Meeting Roseangle
9th May Society Dinner

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